Your fur baby can eat local too!

Did you know that 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the US? That is a lot of fur babies! Through the years, we have partnered with some great companies paving the way with revolutionary pet snacks and products that are healthy AND yummy and add to the daily quality of life for our four-legged companions. In that tradition, we have teamed up with two partners who have some awesome goodies for that dog or cat love in your life.

Barley Labs – Cheese variety dog treats 
Lab tested. Owner approved (Barley Lab’s motto)

Your pups are going to love these dog treats on the menu this week from our new partner Barley Labs! 

Home brewer, Scott, and his partner, Theresa, started re-purposing the spent grain from Scott’s brewing. When their Lab, Barley, fell in love with the treats, they knew they were onto something that would benefit dogs, local breweries and the local community by reducing waste going to the landfill and turning it into delicious, WHEAT FREE, dog treats. “Spent grain” is barley that has been soaked in water and rinsed off. Brewers use the liquid the grain has been soaking in to create beer. Barley Labs dog treats contain spent grains from Durham’s Fullsteam Brewery, used to make the famous Fullsteam Southern Lager. These treats are a perfect fit for The Produce Box – simple ingredient list with three of the four ingredients being locally sourced – what more could we ask for?! Barley Labs uses eggs from Hillsborough and Ashe County cheddar cheese (which happens to be one of our members’ favorites, too!) We will introduce the “Cheese” variety this weekend and look forward to introducing the Pumpkin variety later this month. The treats are fully dehydrated so no preservatives have to be added. This makes them a harder treat which is not recommended for dogs with sensitive or brittle teeth.  

Little Herb House – Dried catnip

How about a little treat for your persnickety pals? Check out this catnip on the menu this week from our friends over at Little Herb House!

We have been working with Lisa at Little Herb House for several years so I know many of you are familiar with how superb her herbs and teas are, but did you know she also grows and makes dried catnip for your feline companion? Lisa harvests fresh catnip from her farm and allows it to naturally dry. You will receive it ground and packed into sweet little paw print bags. The perfect present for your favorite four-legged friend, why not stock up for Christmas?! Since it is sourced and ground directly on the farm, it is particularly potent, and can lead to hours of fun or snuggling. Brew a tea with honey and lemon to spice it up or throw in your kitty’s favorite sock and tie off the end to make a toy to keep them entertained and active. 

So remember, when you place your Produce Box order this weekend don’t forget about your partner in crime. Grab some good eats, apple cider and pet snacks to make a party for the whole family and “WOOF” it up!