Not just produce.

Yes, we've got the best fresh produce in the state- hence the name! But The Produce Box is so much more than just fruits and veggies. On any given week, our menu features 350+ unique food items produced by our partners across the state. From single moms to husband-wife teams; from first generation farmers to fourth generation dairies; from local bakeries to local apiaries…rest assured, you are supporting an entire community of bakers, makers, ranchers, and chefs when you shop with The Produce Box.

Fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies

We work with dozens of hard-working farmers across North Carolina to bring you the freshest of the season. Nothing makes us happier than when the first tender green asparagus shoots arrive at our loading dock or when members report back that their NC peaches are the best they've ever had. A number of our farm partners are multi-generational family farms. We have plenty of organic options, too! Check out the "Your Producers" tab on each product in our webstore to read more about the hard-working people behind the food you eat.




The best NC foods, delivered to your door.