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Our mission is to sell the most North Carolina produce to North Carolinians. As the pioneer provider of farm-to-table North Carolina produce, we believe that if it’s easy and convenient, more people will make the choice to support hardworking North Carolina farmers and reap the benefits of eating locally-grown food.

We make it easy, convenient and fun for our members to support over 100 farms and 90 artisan foodmakers in North Carolina.

Courtney’s story


Courtney Tellefsen is a Cary native and founder and CEO of The Produce Box. In 2007, she set out on a mission to support local farmers and convince her neighbors to know and buy from their farm-neighbors. The Produce Box was started in her garage working with one farmer and delivering boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables to 25 of her neighbors. Today the company has members across the state of North Carolina purchasing more than 5 million pounds of local produce each year from 100 farmers and artisan food makers, using an army of 200 stay-at-home moms and dads—all of this while trying to survive life with two teenagers at home.


Every time you order from The Produce Box, you help us send fresh produce to families who couldn’t otherwise afford it. Donated boxes, select Community Boxes and donated bulk produce to local food banks connect you to your community right here in North Carolina. Our Hero Boxes go to local heroes like firemen, policemen and other community helpers. Thanks to our members for always being willing to support the communities we serve!


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