About Us


Our mission is to make it easy for North Carolinians to choose locally-grown produce from NC farms. We're the original farm-to-table provider, and we believe that supporting local farmers is good for the environment and the community. Plus, it's delicious!

We make it easy, convenient and fun for our members to support over 100 farms and 90 artisan foodmakers in North Carolina.

Courtney’s story


I started The Produce Box in 2007 with the goal of supporting local farmers and encouraging more people to eat local. In the beginning, I operated the company out of my garage, delivering boxes of fresh produce to a small group of neighbors. As a mom, I have focused on raising my kids to be good citizens who ​consider ​more than just their own needs: but also the community, and the environment. I hope you’ll join us in this mission!


Did you know that every time you order you're also helping to support families in need? Many don't have access to fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. This can be because they don't have a car, they don't have the money, or they live in an area without a grocery store. By purchasing from us, you know that you're helping to provide these families with fresh, healthy produce and making a difference in their lives.


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