When can I place my order?

After you sign up as a member, you’ll be able to place your order during our online store’s open hours every weekend. The store opens at 10am Friday morning and closes at 11:30PM Sunday night.

If you’ve subscribed to a curated box, you don’t have to log in and complete your order- it will get auto-delivered on the schedule you’ve set!



Do I have to subscribe to a box?

Nope! You can shop a la carte and completely customize your order from scratch. We do not require subscriptions to be a member or shop with us. While some members love subscribing to a curated box to get a rotating variety of fresh, seasonal produce delivered, others prefer to build totally custom orders.

What is the membership fee? Why do you charge one?

Upon placing your first order, we will apply an annual membership fee of $30.00 (unless you signed up under a promotional special). This nominal fee helps support our mission of paying local farmers and artisan food makers a fair price for their products. 

Are there order minimums? What is your delivery fee?

We require a minimum order of at least $28 to build and deliver your box. Free delivery kicks in at just $50! Orders that fall between our $28 minimum and $50 will incur a flat $6.99 delivery fee.

Our curated boxes ALWAYS have free delivery. That means if you add a curated box to your cart, like the Harvest Box or all-organic O’Natural, you’ll get it delivered for free. “Set it and forget it” by subscribing to one of our curated boxes to get fresh produce delivered on your schedule- weekly, bi-weekly, or otherwise.

Are you similar to a CSA (community supported agriculture) or buying from a grocery store?

Great question! Unlike a CSA, with The Produce Box, you pay as you go with each order and get to pick what you receive (plus it’s hand delivered to your door!). We support more than 100 local farmers throughout the year — not just one — no grocery store can say the same! And unlike the grocery store, where only 15 cents on every dollar goes back to the farmer, about 50 cents of every food dollar you spend with TPB goes back to our producers. We have written a few blog articles on exactly these subjects if you want to check them out by clicking here: “How a CSA compares to TPB” and “The Produce Box vs. The Produce Aisle

What is the membership fee?

There is a $30 non-refundable annual membership fee charged with your first order. This nominal fee helps support our mission of paying local producers a fair price for their products and managing our software platform that makes shopping from the comfort of your home easy. Membership is automatically renewed each year on the Wednesday of the week of your expiration date and the fee is billed to your credit card.

Is it a contract?

Your membership with The Produce Box is not a long-term contract. You can cancel at any time. All memberships are automatically renewed each year and all members are billed the annual enrollment fee on their anniversary date for the upcoming season. Please complete all cancellations before your anniversary date to avoid this billing.

If you would like to cancel your membership, you may do so in your member account under the Manage Deliveries section, or you can contact our Member Solutions Team at info@theproducebox.com.

All cancellations must be made by the Sunday preceding the upcoming week’s order. A Box ordered by you or a subscription box not skipped before Sunday at 11:30 pm will be delivered that week.

When do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays each week. Your welcome email when you join will let you know which day you will receive your Box. We reserve the right to change your delivery day at any time with seven days notice. Notice will be given via email.

Do I get to choose my Box each week?

You may place an order for whatever you’d like during the ordering period. You can change your order as many times as you want throughout the weekend ordering period. If you have previously subscribed to a box or grocery item, you must manually skip your order if you don’t wish to receive it. All charges are billed to your credit card on file once the deadline for changes passes each week (Sunday night by 11:30 pm). You’ll receive an email confirmation in both cases, along with details about your order.


What if I need to make a change to my order but have missed the deadline?

Any changes to your weekly order must be made by Sunday night at 11:30 pm. Once that deadline hits we are unable to make any changes to your order. Our farmers plan their harvest according to the count Sunday night, so it’s important. Thanks for understanding!

What about the weather? Where will my Box be left?

In your profile notes, please designate a spot, ideally a covered area (like a carport or porch) for your Neighborhood Ambassador to leave your box. This is especially important if it will be raining!

Please leave out a cooler with ice packs for your delivery, especially as temperatures climb above 70 degrees. If you have ordered meat, seafood or dairy items you must leave out a cooler with ice packs. 

If the weather is questionable (during our colder months or the hurricane season), we will evaluate and contact you via email with updates. Every once in a while we do have to cancel deliveries if it is too dangerous for our Neighborhood Ambassadors to be on the road.

What if I don’t get the menu e-mail each week?

If you are not receiving our emails please call or email us right away and we will do our best to help you remedy the situation. We are not responsible for spam filters or other system/internet issues that prevent your inbox from receiving any reminder or menu emails. Please contact your ISP provider to resolve these issues. You do not need to receive the menu reminder to place your order, simply visit the site and log into your account anytime between Friday at 10am and Sunday at 11:30pm to place your order or skip a week.

What’s the quality of your produce like?

We guarantee the quality of all produce and products you receive. If you have a quality concern, please let our Member Solutions team know as soon as possible by contacting info@theproducebox.com. We want to bring the farm to your table and have you enjoying those delicious fruits and veggies at your next meal!

What is your policy on allergies?

Right now, we do not have a policy in place to use separate boxes for members with sensitivities. You could choose to order a Box that did not contain an item that you are allergic to. However, we cannot guarantee that there is not residue in any Box since they are recycled back to us each week from members.

Are your fruits & veggies organic?

We DO have many organic choices for our members. Our Organic Weekly Box is called the “O’Natural Box” and you can shop our store by filtering for organic produce.

For more details on our organic choices and our farmers, please feel free to visit our blog. Specifically, click here for blog posts entitled “Are We Certified Organic?” and “Growing Practices in NC” that will give you lots of great information!

Where are the recipes?

Each week we offer meal bundles in addition to our produce and artisan items. Any recipes that correspond with our bundles can be found in our blog, The Greenhouse.