NC Companies Offer Employees Healthy Eating with The Produce Box

The Produce Box deliveries aren’t just for home doorsteps. We also deliver healthy, local produce to companies across the state as part of employee health and corporate wellness programs. With a third of Americans struggling with obesity and healthcare costs rising every day, corporate wellness programs can be a very effective way to improve employee health, increase employee productivity and engagement, and offer a valuable tool for companies focused on recruiting and retaining top talent.

From tastings to lunch-n-learns, health fair booths and on-site deliveries, our corporate wellness program has helped North Carolina companies and their employees create healthier eating habits.

Our first corporate wellness partner was SAS in RTP, beginning in 2008. Since then, we’ve grown to The Lending Tree in Charlotte, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Quintiles, Howard/Merrell, and now Fujifilm. (Fujifilm’s new program buys 8 weeks of Produce Boxes for employees who sign up for a Produce Box membership. Talk about a healthy food infusion!)

Here’s what one of our longtime corporate partners, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, said about our corporate wellness program:

“As a North Carolina company, we enjoy working with The Produce Box because it not only helps support North Carolina farmers, but it’s also an easy way for our employees to receive fresh and local produce. We strive to make the healthy choice the easy choice for our employees, and with the flexibility of adjusting your order each week and the convenience of at work or at home delivery, The Produce Box has helped us do just that. The Produce Box is wonderful to work with, and it’s a program our employees truly appreciate and continue to use each year.”

Want to get your company involved in a wellness program? We can help you create a program that fits your business needs. Employees get healthy, fresh produce and a benefit they’ll love and appreciate. Employers get healthier, happier employees.

What’s not to love about that?