Getting creative in the kitchen – 5 great recipes for cabbage and squash!

Cabbage and squash are veggies that can be hard to create an original dish. So we talked to our friends at Whisk and asked them for their go-to to recipes for these veggies that are a little more unique. Now grab these fresh ingredients from your Boxes, get in the kitchen, and start cooking!


One of the best ways to incorporate cabbage into your meals is to get inspired by cultural dishes from around the world. Here are some of Whisk’s takes on ways to use this versatile veggie. (Click the links to get delicious recipes from Whisk!)

Cabbage Rolls: A delicious and lighter take on Polish food, these are great when you want a modern twist on Eastern European comfort food. Whisk stuffs theirs with wild mushrooms. Yum!

Kimchi: A spicy and fun Korean dish to use the cabbage from your Box. Whisk recommends using it as a side dish or a condiment to add a tangy twist to your meal.

Irish Colcannon: A buttery and savory side dish that uses potatoes and kale in addition to Napa cabbage. This dish is a perfect way to create a delicious family meal with the fresh, local produce in your Box.


Squash has a lot of uses and can really add flavor and nutrition to a savory dish. It can be an easy way to sneak veggies into kids’ food as well!

Roasted Squash Skewers with Herbed Aioli: A yummy appetizer or side dish perfect for entertaining. This one is pretty easy to make, too.

Pork Tenderloin with Squash, Apples, and Onions: A delicious and healthy dinner – plus a savory way to enjoy some of your apples from your Box! Whisk originally created this recipe for autumn, but offers advice on how it can be used year-round with whatever produce is available in season!

Let us know – how do you get creative with your cabbage and squash?