Zulia Bakery

Meet Zulia Bakery

Zulia means “Courage” and the second largest state in Venezuela assumes the name. Zulia native, owner Angelica Medina shares with us:

 “I have chosen the name Zulia for my bakery because of its great meaning. This story is very close to my heart as I am from Zulia, and I am a mix of South American Indian. My own father is from the Guajira tribe.

Zulia is a state in Venezuela, and this name was given in honor of an indigenous tribal princess, well known for her courage and boldness. She fought against the Spanish conquistadores. During the battles Zulia discovered that the Spanish betrayed her people, killing her father. She was devastated. She went back home to create an entire army to fight back. Zulia and her indigenous army won the battle, but her life was taken. The land was named after her, known today as Zulia state. “

Angelica came alone to the US about 18 years ago with a free airline ticket, no family, and $30 in her pocket. Learning English and graduating as a Public Accountant, she knew she could do even more, especially since she wanted to help her family back home. She had always watched her mother bake, and it was her mother who encouraged her to learn more and eventually open up her bakery. Now Angelica, her mother, and her nieces all work in Zulia Bakery.

Angelica has continued her education in Business Management at NCCU along with numerous hospitality & customer service classes, as well as – you guessed it – baking classes! Giving back to her Venezuelan community, she also has a foundation there that serves as an after-school program for children in need.

We’re delighted to have this courageous local entrepreneur as our newest artisan partner to bring you her scrumptious Roll-ups! Find 3 varieties: Pepperoni & Mozzarella, Spinach & Artichoke, and Blueberry & Cream Cheese (plus more to come) on our menu this weekend and beyond!