Workplace Wellness

From tastings to lunch-n-learns, health fair booths and on-site box deliveries, The Produce Box can help impact the health of your employees and their families. We’ve been helping employees get healthy at large and small businesses across the state since 2008. Click here to see what one employer did to address nutrition. Read about another approach to workplace wellness on our blog by clicking here.

We’re committed to being part of your company wellness plan. Fill out the form below to contact us for more information. 


As a North Carolina company, we enjoy working with The Produce Box because it not only helps support farmers, but it’s also an easy way for our employees to receive fresh, local produce. We strive to make the healthy choice the easy choice for our employees, and with the flexibility of adjusting your order each week and the convenience of at work or at home delivery The Produce Box has helped us do just that. 

-BlueCross BlueShield of NC

Supporting our workers and their families is important and just another way of exemplifying our culture that Every Person Matters. Once we found The Produce Box, we looked at the program as a unique opportunity to encourage and promote healthy eating. Watching what you put into your body definitely affects you at work. 

-Zachry Construction

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