Wilmington Neighborhood Coordinator Spotlight: Ranald Totten

We recently caught up with Ranald Totten, a Produce Box member and a Neighborhood Coordinator in Wilmington for the last 5 years. Ranald also owns his own business and says that delivering member boxes for The Produce Box on Wednesdays breaks up his work week perfectly. He typically delivers 25 boxes a week, but has delivered as many as 49 in a single day! Ranald says he loves The Produce Box because he believes in our mission of helping North Carolina farmers and eating healthy. Ranald and his wife tried several different CSAs before finding The Produce Box and are grateful for our easy and fresh delivery service.
In his five years with us, Ranald has witnessed many changes. He remembers when he could count TPB members in the hundreds, and now there are almost 10,000 all across the state! He has also seen a great improvement in our website, software and TPB trucks and the welcome introduction of add-on items for weekly orders and organic products at affordable rates. Ranald enjoys trying a variety of boxes; he and his wife love getting the menu on Fridays. His favorite pick is the raw peanuts, but he also cannot get enough of summer fruits!
Ranald also started WhatsOnWilmington.com, a comprehensive events website for the Cape Fear area, in 2010. Ranald saw his web traffic boom over the years. He features a TPB ad on the site, and often mentions us in his weekly newsletter, which goes out to more than 7,500 subscribers. 

If you see Ranald out and about delivering boxes next week, be sure to say, “Hi!” If you’d like more information about becoming a neighborhood coordinator for The Produce Box, click here.