Why buy local?

Why should you buy local produce ?

When you support a grocery store chain that buys from large, industrial farms in other states (actually other countries in many cases), that grocery store company negotiates for the absolute lowest price it can get for the product/produce you are buying. NOT the price the farmer needs to survive.

Did you know that North Carolina has lost 2,700 farms in the past five years? How sad is that? These local farmers literally could not make ends meet… they had to sell to developers and stop farming.

Supporting our local NC farmers (and paying more for what they work so hard to grow) by being a member of The Produce Box means that:

1) you help the farmers afford to keep their farms and our beautiful countryside. Many of our farms are not more than 30-60 minutes away from the neighborhoods our members live in.

2) you get the freshest produce possible (most produce in stores has been trucked in from far away — an average of 1300 miles, in fact!)

3) you get veggies and fruit that just TRULY TASTE BETTER, not produce bred for its ability to “keep looking fresh in the store” even though it has no taste at all.

Local is best. It’s why we started our company 10 years ago and we’re so proud to support more than 70 North Carolina farmers with our member orders every week!

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