TPB Members help the local community… in Texas!

Our family of members is a powerful group! We not only offer support to our local communities here in North Carolina but more than 1,000 members pitched in to purchase Community Boxes earlier this month to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The proceeds from these Boxes were sent to Farmhouse Deliveries in Houston, Texas. They are a company similar to ours who we have traded ideas and stories with for years. This is from their Mission Statement:
We believe that food and community are interdependent. Water one, and the other grows. Feed one, and the other thrives. To feed the next generation of Texans, to ensure a strong food community tomorrow, there’s work to be done today. And that’s what we’re here for.

Here’s a note from Steph, the founder of Farmhouse Deliveries about the donations we made to their community:

Dear Courtney,

I want to tell you just how thankful and truly touched we all are by The Produce Box and your customers’ donations. Your thoughtfulness has been a huge morale booster in an otherwise hectic run of days here. Our employees have been so inspired by the actions of your community and their ability to come together to support the Houston residents and farmers in the wake of this somewhat overwhelming challenge.

So far, we’ve been able to feed over 6,000 relief aids and Harvey refugees, with more fresh produce and prepared meals continuing to go out to shelters and hospitals week by week. A large portion of your donation will also be put toward a cash contribution to help in the rebuilding of many of the small-scale farms that suffered damages through the storm, including Gundermann Acres, Phoenix Farms, and others.

I’m sure as you’ve seen before, storms like this can have significant long-term impact on small businesses and the local economy, especially within the agriculture community. Donations like yours can make the difference between someone losing everything they’ve worked for and someone having the ability to rebuild and regrow. You’ve touch a lot of people’s lives with your generosity.

From the bottom of my heart, the hearts of our employees, and the those of the Texas food community, thank you.

Best, Steph

This is such a touching testament to the power of local food and a community of members coming together to make a difference!  If you donated a Community Box (in the past few weeks – or EVER!), THANK YOU. And if you want to join our community at The Produce Box and give back to local in so many ways, click here to join us today!