Tips to Staying Healthy While Working from Home

Working from home has become a frequently used term within the past year. Whether  you found yourself setting up a new office space in a corner of your home or dusting  off an old desk that wasn’t previously using much purpose, working from home has  become a new normal for many. 

During this transformation from a physical journey to an office to an at-home one, it  might have been easier to let certain habits appear or disappear. Your hundreds of  steps around the office turned into a couple of trips up and down your stairs  throughout the day. Maybe your healthy snack turned into eating a bag of Chips Ahoy…  because who can resist? Whatever the case, getting back on track and staying healthy  while working from home doesn’t have to be impossible. Here’s 6 tips to staying  healthy while working from home: 

Meal Prep for Your Workdays 

Taking care of yourself means also taking care of your future self. Prepping yourself a  simple breakfast and lunch on the days you work from home are going to take the  stress out of having to worry about what you’re eating throughout the day. Meal  prepping is great because it prevents you from eating something you know you  shouldn’t if there’s already a meal ready for you. Your future self will thank you! 

Take Breaks to Move Around Throughout the Day 

Sitting in an office chair for hours on end is a task of its own, and the last thing you  want is your body paying for it later on down the road. Working from home, if you  were previously working in an office, has more than likely removed a lot of physical  walking you previously did. Take breaks throughout your workday at home to walk  around or do a quick 5-10 minute workout. 

Have a Routine 

Not everyone is a fan of a consistent routine, but keeping one is bound to keep your  days more organized and on-track. The flexibility of your work hours may make it hard  to have a schedule, but try to stick to one that leaves you with room to get your work  done while balancing other things. Keeping a schedule can also prevent you from  falling victim to outside distractions and getting off-task from your work. 

Keep Healthy Snacks in Your Workspace 

It’s much easier to grab a snack when it’s already next to you. Keep a little stash of  granola bars, trail mix, or other healthy snack alternatives to curb the sweet cravings.  You can’t always control what others in your house eat and keep in the pantry, so  make it easier on yourself by surrounding your space with easy-to-eat foods that are  also good for you.  

Choose Water Over Caffeine  

Your cup or morning coffee is the first thing you need when you wake up, and that’s  understandable. Allowing yourself to drink a cup of coffee in the morning is a great  way to get going, but throughout the day, make sure you hydrate with water. Caffeine  is beautiful, but the crash is not, and the more you drink, the harder you crash. 

Keep Your Area Clean and Comfortable 

Keeping your workspace clean and organized to your standards might help you feel  less mentally and physically cluttered. When you log-on or off of your computer, the  last thing you want to worry about is the stress of what’s around you. 

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy while they WFH!