The Produce Box Receives Clean Fuel Grant to Convert Trucks to Propane

We’re thrilled to say the The Produce Box was recently named a grant recipient of North Carolina’s Clean Fuel Advanced Technology Project. In keeping with our mission to Do Good, the grant will be used to convert six of our delivery trucks to run on propane fuel instead of gasoline and to set up a propane fueling station at our central produce hub.
Propane is a more advanced and environmentally-friendly fuel that burns cleaner than gasoline and reduces the amount of carbon emissions released into the air.  The conversion is also cost effective from a business perspective because propane costs roughly half of what gasoline costs.
We believe that produce that is grown in the state should stay in the state partially because that is what’s best for the environment, so we are excited to take that a step further and do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and the pollution in our North Carolina communities!