Spring is Here

March 19th is the First Day of Spring this year. This day marks the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Interesting fact: this is the earliest spring we have seen in our lives so far. Spring arrived earlier due to it being a leap year.

Spring is when temperatures are moderate, there is more daylight, the birds return, baby animals are everywhere, the leaves come back, flowers are in bloom, trees begin to grow, it is easier to get your vitamins naturally (sunlight triggers your body to produce vitamin D) and it is easier to find fresh produce. 

Welcome Spring!  We are excited to make available to you and your family, this season’s fruits and vegetables. These include:


Bok Choy


Fancy Squash

Garden Peas

Green Beans

Green Cabbage

Green Chard

Greenhouse Tomatoes

Hydrophonic Bibb Lettuce


Spring Carrots