Pea Pancetta Ravioli


  • 1 package Melina’s Pea Pancetta Ravioli
  • 1 container Carolina Flavors Cacio e pepe butter
  • 1 package Carolina Flavors shredded parmesan cheese
  •  Kosher salt, pepper


Boil pasta per packet instructions. You will be finishing it in the sauce, so you want to make sure you cook it slightly under al dente. Reserve approximately a cup of pasta water before straining cooked pasta.

Add a 2 tablespoons of cacio e pepe butter and 2 TB of pasta cooking water to a large saute pan. Turn on to medium heat and gently melt the butter, swirling the pan to incorporate with the water.

Put the hot pasta directly into the pan and add a bit more of the cacio e pepe butter, stir to coat the pasta, adding a bit of the reserved pasta water if needed to help produce a sauce. Cook, stirring almost constantly until liquid has reduced and pasta is nicely coated in the sauce. Adjust seasoning and serve and top with shredded parmesan cheese.