Passing the Veggie-Love on to the Next Generation!


One of the marvelous aspects of having a Box of produce from TPB delivered to your doorstep each week is the opportunity it provides to get your little ones involved in the kitchen!

Research indicates that kids who cook tend to eat more healthy. Nothing peaks a child’s interest in trying a new food like making it themselves! Getting your kids involved with cooking offers so many great benefits including self-confidence, understanding basic science, time-management, creativity, and an appreciation of real, healthy food.

Here are 10suggestions on how to get your kids involved with all of the goodies that come in your box each week!


  1. Younger children can peel carrots or potatoes, mash tomatoes with their hands for fresh tomato sauce, or scoop the seeds from squash or melons with a spoon.
  2.  If your child likes to stir and mix things, put cubed vegetables, olive oil & some salt in a mixing bowl and let them go to town! You can then put them on a baking sheet and turn them into yummy roasted vegetables.
  3. If you trust your child’s ability to safely handle a knife, let them cut fruits and veggies for salads, casseroles, stir-fry and more!
  4.  Let your child wash the produce, just getting to handle unfamiliar fruits and vegetables makes it more likely that they’ll give ‘em a try!
  5. Let them snap the green beans, peas, or break the flowerettes from broccoli.
  6. Give them a head of lettuce and show them how to wash and tear pieces for a salad.
  7. Let them sprinkle seasonings onto whatever dish you may be preparing.
  8. Break out the potato masher and let your kids do the work!
  9. Have your kids make their own wraps or sandwiches with your fresh produce – they get to be creative and they’ll be eating raw veggies.
  10. Help your kids learn to measure things out for recipes – it may even help with those pesky fractions!