Partner Profile: Hillsborough Cheese Company, our “quality over quantity” partner!

A finalist for IndyWeek’s“Triangle’s Best” several years in a row, Hillsborough Cheese Company is top notch. They practice what they preach – quality over quantity – and we feel very fortunate to offer their products on our artisan menu at The Produce Box.


Cindy West is the owner, founder and head cheesemaker at Hillsborough Cheese Company. After culinary training in Memphis and a year of learning in France, Cindy came back to the States and found herself missing the wonderful cheese she experienced in Europe. She spent a few years in the culinary industry and raised two kids, before deciding it was time to start her own cheese company.

Hillsborough Cheese Company focuses on fresh and aged cheese made from cow and goat milk. They are known best for chevre and bloomin’ cheeses in a variety of flavors. It’s a family business – even Cindy’s children are involved and her husband Dorian has joined her to focus on marketing and sales efforts. The West family is passionate about eating and supporting local food and consider themselves locavores!

Here are some fun facts about their mozzarella cheese – one of our favorites at The Produce Box:

  • The Hillsborough Cheese Co. mozzarella is a low-moisture, firmer ball of cheese that is slightly yellow in appearance with a texture similar to a mozzarella snack stick. 
  • This harder, firm mozzarella ball is perfect for shredding and easy to slice. 
  • Conventional mozzarella is often artificially dyed to produce the white mozzarella cheese that most of us are used to seeing. 
  • Cindy’s mozzarella is NOT artificially colored, so the yellow color is actually a GOOD thing!