Mom’s Summer Smoothies

A yummy spinach smoothie!

All throughout the summer, my mother makes smoothies for a quick, filling snack or small meal. They’re always delicious and healthy. I wanted to share the recipe with The Produce Box members. But when I asked my mom about it she said, “Oh, I don’t really have a recipe.”

But she did give me some insight into her process that I hope will help some of you make a few of these tasty treats yourself! When she has a spare moment, she purees kale in a blender and adds coconut water. She then pours the puree into an ice tray and freezes it. That way, she can put kale in her smoothies anytime!

Whenever she wants a smoothie, she pops one of the kale cubs out of the tray, puts it in the blender and adds whatever she feels like into the mix. Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, bananas, kiwis, carrots, all sorts of good stuff! Our Fruit Box will have the perfect supplements to a kale smoothie.

Mix it in and make your smoothie even better

If you find kale too bitter or if it’s not in season, here are a few alternatives. Swiss Chard still has a nice tang, but isn’t as nearly as bitter as kale. Spinach is sweeter and less earthy. If you have picky eaters in the house, you may even sneak in some leafy greens without them knowing!

If you want to give your smoothies a healthy boost and make the drink a little more filling, you can add some protein. It can make your drink into a satisfying post-workout snack. There’s all sorts of protein powders from whey to soy to egg which all have different benefits. Do your research to figure out what is right for you and your needs. Cleveland Clinic has a great guide to start with or click here for some tips for One Green Planet on natural sources of protein (oats, etc.) to add to your smoothie.

North Carolina summers bring the heat and smoothies is a perfect way to stay cool, healthy and hydrated. What’s your favorite smoothie mix? Post your results in the comments below or on social media. (Be sure to tag us!) If you want your ingredients to be fresh and locally sourced, sign up for The Produce Box today!