Meet one of our Local Loves: Night Kitchen Bakery

Sourdough, croissants and quiche, oh my! Meet Night Kitchen Bakery and Café! Night Kitchen got its name from a children’s storybook, and opened a café in Seaboard Station in Raleigh just over a year ago. Since then, Helen and her team have been providing tasty breads and pastries to the public. The café, open daily, serves up delicious sandwiches, soups, salads and quiches in addition to the bagels and yummy baked goods.
For Night Kitchen the business depends on the regulars who stop by often for a breakfast bagel or loaf of bread for dinner. “We depend so much on their business and their loyalty is so important to us,” Helen says.
Helen loves the all of the offerings in the café, but her heart is in baking bread. When she opened Night Kitchen, she made sure to get equipment for bulk orders to make wholesale bread orders a reality. From the beginning of the business plan, she saw bread as the cornerstone of her baking, and that’s why The Produce Box has been able to help her find her footing.
The day of a big delivery begins around 4 am, and between managing the orders and the café, Helen has her work cut out for her. Knowing The Produce Box has her back is a comfort, and makes it easy to introduce the Night Kitchen to bread-lovers all over North Carolina!
The Produce Box is proud to support Night Kitchen Bakery and we love being able to offer our members a variety of baked goods in addition to the local fruits and vegetables you love! Look for Night Kitchen’s delicious breads on our menu THIS WEEK and add it to your Box!