Meet member Terrie, our Audience Award video winner!

This spring, The Produce Box hosted our first “Audience Awards!” We asked our members to make videos telling us the best thing they did with their Produce Box. We received some amazing submissions and wound up with some fantastic winners — chosen by hundreds of jury votes and by our friends at 100 Days of Real Food. One of our winners was Terrie, pictured here with her family!

She prepared a delicious- looking Stuffed Portobello Parmesan for her video, including step by step instructions starting with the recipe and going to the grill. She used fresh portobello mushrooms and tomatoes from The Produce Box, as well as balsamic vinaigrette and various cheeses. This recipe has our mouths watering! We caught up with Terrie to celebrate her victory.

Q: What inspired you to make your video?

The prize money inspired me! We have 5 family members over the age of 15 and one that’s less than a year. When I saw the contest I thought about all of the great healthy food that we could be putting on our table and save a little on our budget.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to receive in your box?

Hard to pick a favorite because all of the vegetables are so fresh. The chicken medallions melt in your mouth and we love the cheeses and bread too.

Q: When and why did you become a member of The Produce Box?

We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary with The Produce Box. We joined because I grew up on a farm and I missed having fresh vegetables. We also purchase from our local farmers but I love the convenience of having it delivered to my front door.

Q: Are there any specialty goods you are going to try with your store credit?

I’m going to try several things that I wouldn’t normally purchase. I’ve already ordered some of the local meats that I’ve wanted to try and some herbs and tea.

Q: How do you feel The Produce Box has helped your family?

We are still learning how to eat healthy and The Produce Box supports us with great choices and recipes.

Check out Terrie’s video to get inspired, and let us know the best thing you did with your Box in the comments below!