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Although our name is The Produce Box, we go beyond fruits and vegetables with our offerings. We are proud to work with local farmers from NC to provide top quality meat such as beef, poultry, pork and shrimp. What makes our meat so much better? It’s the same thing that sets our produce apart: the farmers we work with. We partner with local, family-owned, and smaller sized farms to ensure that they not only provide meat that tastes good, but they do it in a humane and all-natural way.


Steaks, ground beef, hamburger patties and more! Delivered to you from our farm partners, Moore Brothers, First Hand Foods, and Joyce Farm.


All-natural tenders, medallions, thighs, and more sourced from Joyce Farm. 


Nothing could be finer than Carolina’s Finest Seafood! 


Pork chops, tenderloin, bacon, sausages and more! Delivered to you from Cheshire Farm.

How it Works

1. Become a Member

A Produce Box membership is only $20! This membership directly connects you to fresh produce, meat and dairy from local farmers and artisans to curate an unbeatable selection of fresh foods.

2. Select Weekly Box

Each week, you select your delivery from curated boxes, to customized boxes, and add-on specialty items that change weekly based on what’s in season.

3. Delivered to You

We hand-deliver your items to your home or office on a weekly schedule. Feel free to skip a week anytime!


NC’s finest artisan and specialty products.


Experienced farmers and artisanal cheesemakers.


Local fruit and vegetables you can’t find at the grocery store!