Local Loves: Huntington Provision Co.

We love it when our artisanal providers have a mission that aligns so well with ours! Based out of Cary, Huntington began with two parents wanting to make foods that were healthier for their family. Since 2012, Huntington Provision Co. has been dedicated to delivering scratch-made, all-natural, locally sourced & classically inspired artisanal foods to the people of North Carolina.
In the few years that they’ve been sharing their nut butters and granola products with others, they’ve continued to be at the forefront of food trends and changing health movements to provide a product with the best tasting, healthiest ingredients for you and your family. We recently asked Jen, co-founder of Huntington Provision Co. about what motivated her and her family to eat healthy and run their own food business.


“As the business has gone on, my passion has been nutrition,” Jen says. She loves providing organic, non-GMO, low sugar foods for her two sweet boys.

As Jen’s learned about choosing the right oils and sugars, she’s used that knowledge in the kitchen, switching to healthier ingredients. That’s one reason why organic coconut sugar and extra virgin olive oil have found their way onto the short ingredient list at Huntington. They are lower in sugar and contain more healthy oils than organic canola oil and cane sugar, without sacrificing taste.

“Overall that is our goal, to make a product that not only tastes delicious, but that’s good for you. I won’t make it and I won’t sell it unless it’s good for you,” Jen says.

In everything they make, they like to keep the ingredients simple. They’ve recently added an olive oil sea salt Peanut Butter made with extra virgin olive oil, Pink Himalayan salt, and peanuts harvested in North Carolina.
One other thing that sets Huntington Provision Co. apart is that they haven’t been afraid to change their ingredients or their methods to make their nut butters and granolas more healthy and from local sources. One of their most popular choices is the Hummingbird Granola, a sweet mix based on a cake recipe from an old issue of Southern Living Magazine that has delicious organic ingredients like wholegrain rolled oats, coconut, honey and dried fruits.

Served on a sandwich or plain on a spoon, everyone in the family will love their new nut butters!1 Jen’s kids enjoy the chocolate peanut butter spread on sliced apples, and it’s a healthier, guilt-free alternative to sweeter spreads found in the grocery store.

Their granolas are great by themselves as a healthy snack, or added to yogurt for a nutritious and quick breakfast. If you haven’t tried their granolas or nut butters yet, be sure to catch it on our menu in the coming weeks!