Local Loves: Berry Towne Crafts

This week, we want to tell y’all a little bit more about one of our amazing artisan food makers – Berry Towne Crafts, a special place that creates great food, while lending a helping hand.


Part of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Berry Towne Crafts is an artisan therapy program for residents of the O’Berry Neuro-Medical Center in Goldsboro, NC. The O’Berry Center is a series of group homes providing care to 300 residents with developmental disabilities.
We love the mission and the people of Berry Towne Crafts so much though that we wanted to bring their snacks to your door! On our menu, you’ll see delicious pecan and peanut snacks from Berry Towne Crafts – some salty, some sweet, and always tasty.
The campus has its own pecan groves where the nuts are grown and harvested for your Boxes. Their pecans have consistently won many first place awards in food competitions and almost all of their snack recipes are developed in house to make sure that they are delicious and unique.
As for the peanuts, Berry Towne Crafts partners with a local peanut grower for those, so rest assured that their ingredients are always local and fresh. In addition to snacks, the residents of the O’Berry Center also make organic soaps, hand thrown stoneware pottery, bluebird houses and other wooden crafts. The products are sold in a traditional log cabin built on the campus of the O’Berry Center.
Be on the lookout for Berry Towne snacks on our menu and don’t forget to add them to your Boxes! By purchasing items made at Berry Towne Crafts, you are directly supporting the residents of the O’Berry Center and the Artisan Therapy programs which are an important part of the daily life and work of the residents.
We’re proud to offer you products from a place that provides meaningful work for people in need, gives back to the community, supports local agriculture, and creates high-quality, great tasting food you can feel good about feeding your family.