Get to Know our Neighborhood Coordinators

Behind the scenes of The Produce Box is a force of over 200 stay-at-home moms and dads who work as neighborhood coordinators. You may have seen these men and women delivering your Produce Box to your doorstep each week. 

Neighborhood Coordinators live in or around the neighborhood that they deliver to and are in charge of getting your produce to your doorstep, local marketing, member communications and so much more. With empty boxes stacked up in their cars and their little ones “helping” them run their delivery routes, their hard work is what keeps us running at The Produce Box each week!

They help create a sense of community for all TPB members and give you friendly, personalized service.  Neighborhood Coordinators say the opportunity is great and the benefits are plenty. We talked to some of them to see why they love working with The Produce Box, and here’s what they had to say:


The next time you see your neighborhood coordinator, say hello! We sharing “local love” stories with our members! If you’re interested in becoming a Neighborhood Coordinator, apply here.