Durham Neighborhood Coordinator Ania’s story about doing good in her neighborhood!

This week got me thinking how could I use the leftover items from my weekly deliveries. I had been using them the last few weeks for marketing and rewarding my existing members. This week I wanted to change things up a bit and I was still riding the good charity feeling from the Hero Boxes [that The Produce Box members had ordered and delivered to local fire and police stations].
A few weeks ago we moved home and we had a company called TROSA (Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers) help us move. When I met my team of seven guys and listened to their stories of what TROSA was really about, I couldn’t help but be touched.  
We have all seen their vans around the Triangle but did you know that TROSA is a comprehensive two-year residential substance abuse recovery program in Durham? They accept substance abusers with one condition — they must have a strong desire to change their lives. You can’t help but feel inspired… in the depths of darkness these individual have had the courage and strength to change their lives. It can’t be easy to ask for help. I am grateful for places like TROSA in our community, helping guide these people on the right path in life. 
TROSA is a nonprofit organization and there is no cost to the individual receiving treatment. Their funding comes from three primary sources: revenue generating businesses which provide vocational training for residents, donations (from individuals, companies and foundations) and finally modest government support.  


So this week I took our extra produce to TROSA with my two sons to show them everyone needs a second chance and eating right is important for everyone!