Drink the Sunshine


We’re excited to introduce you to Sunshine Energy drinks – on our menu for the first time!



Sunshine is unlike other energy drinks and we’re so excited to have it on our menu for the first time for purchase this weekend. It refuels your body through electrolytes, vitamins and just enough caffeine. Born in Winston-Salem, it has the perfect balance of taste and function to keep you well-hydrated at the gym, running errands and even when you’re home sick.

The founders of Sunshine, Keith Vest and Joe Parrish, wanted to create an alternative to the “Big Box” energy drinks that were already on the market. They wanted to “create a product that had more personality, was more authentic, more geared towards regular people,” Parrish said.

They needed a character for their brand like Betty Crocker. This lead them to create the fictional character of Buck O’Hairen, a North Carolina moonshiner. As the legend goes Buck had one to many moonshine drinks and decided to create the perfect antidote, known as Sunshine energy drinks. From there the story (and the products!) took off!

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up – whether you’re trying to make it through a meeting or shuffling between after-school sports – try ordering some Sunshine from us to lift both your energy and your spirits. Click here to log in and see the menu this weekend!

Try the Sunshine Buckshot Recipe (contains alcohol)
Ginger Berry Sunshine
Cranberry Juice
Simple and easy, minus the vodka = still delicious!