Devil’s Foot Bev Co.

Using organic roots and fruits, Devil’s Foot Beverage Company brews farm-to-can craft sodas out of Asheville, NC.

With less than half the sugars of traditional ‘sodas,’ Devil’s Foot provides a celebration in a can that is packed with flavor thanks to fresh, organic and local ingredients and small-batch craft brewing processes. Everyone at this company truly believes in ‘doing good through business’ and brewing the best product to support healthy people and happy communities.

Owner Ben Colvin explains more about the inspiration behind the company:

“When my wife and I learned we were expecting our first child, we went to a local Asheville brewery to celebrate – I know, NOT the best place to take a pregnant partner…! We found there was nothing offered there but tap water and sugary sodas – and that’s when we decided to take a backyard ginger beer hobby and make it a business model. Our model focuses on craft-brewing non-alcoholic sparkling beverages that complement our burgeoning beer industry and offer a healthy, low in sugar celebration in a can! In 2021, we packaged over a half-million cans are distributed state-wide in NC, SC and Alabama.”

Devils’ Foot Beverages are on our menu every week! Treat yourself on your next order!