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The Produce Box is a subscription-based weekly delivery of North Carolina foods. This yearly membership fee gives you access to get the best local produce and foods from the best local farms and foodmakers, delivered TO locals, BY locals. AND for less than the minimum order through Instacart. Use code BLUE365 to waive your $25 enrollment fee, AND get a $10 credit automatically added to your account.


For only $25/year, Produce Box members have access to the best fresh and artisan foods in NC, home-delivered for less than competitors like Instacart. When you sign up, you'll choose your weekly subscription box - there a size to meet any households needs! Plus, when you sign up, we'll connect you with your Neighborhood Ambassador, one of the many stay-at-home moms and dads who bring the goodness of our step to their neighbors' doorstep. Your neighbors ARE your delivery drivers!


The Produce Box team spends each week sourcing the best items from our farmers and producers to put on the weekly menu. We'll send you an email Friday morning when we're satisfied we've packed your options with the best fruits, veggies, meats, cheese, sweets, snacks, meals and more! Do nothing and you'll receive your subscription box. OR - opt to build your own and pack it full of the goodies we've sourced over the week! Plus, we make it easy to skip a week if you need to. Free delivery kicks in at around just $30 if you order one of our subscription boxes!


On your assigned delivery day, your Neighborhood Ambassador picks up your hand-packed box in the morning on your assigned delivery day, and leaves it at your door. Don't forget a cooler with you've ordered meat or dairy items!

Our farm partners Our farm partners

We’re not just any fruit and vegetable delivery service.



Our farmers are good stewards of the land and are thoughtful and careful in how they farm. We source from farms that practice ethical and sustainable agriculture by using filtered or closed water systems and cover crops. That means you can always trust the source of your fresh produce delivery. And think about how eating more local foods lowers CO2 emissions by reducing the distance food travels from farm to consumer.


In return, we make a promise to our farm partners that we will be good stewards of their products. Many of the farmers have worked on the same land for generations and we are proud to be a source of continued support as they carry on long-standing traditions grounded in North Carolina soil. We view it as a privilege to deliver the fruits of their labors to our members.


The Produce Box is proud to service six key areas in North Carolina.

  • Raleigh-Durham
  • Charlotte
  • Wake Forest
  • Greensboro
  • Winston-Salem
  • Wilmington

What we’re delivering

We are on a constant mission to find the best value products that benefit our members and our farmers. Our selection changes all the time, and we love adding new vendors! Click above to see what's on offer this week!

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