It’s haaaappening! It may still be a scorching 90 degrees at noon, and you may still be breaking a sweat strapping the kids into their carseats, but when the sun starts to set and you’re letting the dog out for the evening, there it is—that promising cool breeze.  And just for a second you picture yourself in the not-so-distant future sipping a pumpkin beer, planning your fall table top, and living in a world where PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte) is the trending meme. 

With the first signs of fall comes apple season.  This week we are bringing you Ginger Golds in the Harvest BoxGranny Smiths in the Sprout, and Fuji apples in the Fruit Box all from Ayers Orchard. There’s even an Apple Tasting Bundle on the menu with some of our favorites.  Add it, and the other varieties from the add-on menu to your order, or BYOB for less!

Starting this week, you can build your own Market Box for only $17!

Missed out on the French Kitchen Box last week? This conversation-starter is back on the menu with organic fairytale eggplants from Red Hawk, Blue Thumb’s Baby Greens Mixvine-ripe tomatoes from Patterson Farms, organic red radishes from Herbie Cottle, and so much more! This box is a perfect way to refer to your neighbors to TPB—

They sign up now, they get $20 OFF of their first box!
They use your name, you receive
 $20 as well! Win-win-win.

There’s a Fall Fruit n’ Roots Box with organic butternut squash from Herbie Cottle, sweet potatoes and Rome Apples from Tart’s Produce, and more to get you feelin’ those fall vibes! Let’s make it a delicious week.