Our farmers need your support as they recover their crops from yetĀ another hurricane.Ā Ā Let’s show them some local love this weekend!
The LOCO’Natural Box—all organic from our local organic farmers,Ā The Harvest—withĀ Ginger GoldĀ andĀ Courtland ApplesĀ from Ayers Orchard, orĀ The SproutĀ withĀ okra andĀ bi-color cornĀ from Tart’s Produce Farm are just a few boxes on the menu, where everyĀ one ordered sends a simple, “we’ve got your back” to a local grower.Ā Ā 
We’ve curated aĀ French Kitchen BoxĀ with everything you’ll need toĀ serve authentic French cuisine—spinach,Ā lemons,Ā grape tomatoesĀ from Patterson Farm,Ā organic red radishesĀ from Herbie Cottle, and more. Ā Bon appĆ©tit!

It’s officially apple season in North Carolina! We’ve put together anĀ Apple Tasting BundleĀ for you to enjoy the delicious variety of apples currently available from ourĀ farmers.

Union Special BreadĀ is Raleigh’sĀ freshest,Ā most covetedĀ bake shop! Using roller-milled and stone-ground flours produced solely in North Carolina theirĀ bread is deep in flavor and makes THE most killer toast on the planet—and it’s now on the menu! Don’t miss theĀ Union SourĀ and theĀ Whole Grain SourĀ made using 100% organic ingredients (flour and salt) and filtered water.Ā  Available in limited quantities so, getĀ your order in now.