Ahhhh, summer.  Along with its scorching temperatures, it brings the ideal time for us to gather around our tables, grills, patios, pools, kitchens—with crisp, perfectly ripe produce on our plates—to nourish us inside and out.
The Happy Hippie Box is back with oh, such beauty! Packed with baby bellas from Carolina Mushroom, organic purple majesty potatoes from Herbie, German Johnsons from Penny’s, organic Fairy Tale Eggplants from Red Hawk Farms, and so much more!

White Nectarines from Dixie Belle Orchard are a new item on the menu this week.  Don’t miss the taste of summertime at its best with these juicy delicacies found in theHarvestFruit, and (previously mentioned) Happy Hippie Boxes.

Too many hot dogs over the 4th? We’ve got the remedy with the Clean Plate Box—featured on the menu with baby romaine from Blue Thumb Farms, organic green kale from Burch, blueberries from Southern Fox, and more-to get you back to eating like your life depends on it.

Let us bring summer to you so you can share it at your table.
Let’s make it a delicious week, together!