It is May, time to celebrate Spring. The sun is warming, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the garden is growing.  

This month also boasts several foodie days including:  National Shrimp Day, National Eat What you Want Day, International Hummus Day, National Pizza Party Day, National Hamburger Day, National Walnut Day, National Apple Pie Day,National Fruit Cocktail Day and even National Chocolate Chip Day. May is also National Salsa Month, National Strawberry Month, and National Asparagus Month.

Here at The Produce Box, we are especially excited because May is also National Salad Month. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the amazing vegetables and fruits grown here in this great Tarheel state and as well other states around the country. 

In 1992, the Association for Dressing and Sauces created National Salad Month which encourages people to incorporate more salads into their daily food regimen. Of course there is a traditional side salad and green salad, Caesar and Cobb salads, Mediterranean and Greek salads, and even Waldorf and Nicoise salads. But sometimes, creating your own salad could be more fun. 

Start your salad with the typical romaine or iceberg lettuce and some darker greens like spinach, kale or red leaf lettuce. Add your favorite vegetables like cucumber, shredded carrot, celery, radish, and red onion. Let’s not forget that salads can include more than just vegetables — fruit, nuts, cheese and your favorite protein will help make small a salad become a great entrée. 

For sweetness, fruits are a nice addition to a salad – berries, pears, apples and grapefruits are great options. Nuts provide crunch and flavor, beans add protein, and cheese gives that extra flavor to top it off. You could even add fish, chicken, steak, bacon or another meat if you are needing more.

In honor of National Salad Month, let’s take the time to get creative with your salads, and inspire others in your life to do the same.