You’ve finished work, you’re heading home, and you suddenly realize you haven’t given a lick of thought to dinner.  There are a few wilting greens and a piece of leftover chicken in the fridge, and no time to shop.  Plus you have to help the kids with their homework and do the laundry.  Your thoughts turn dark; this is a place you find yourself all too often.—

What if the biggest obstacle to eating mindfully isn’t the cooking, but rather the organizing? It’s not always easy to pull together smart and inspiring dinner on a weeknight.  Our Fall Equinox Box allows you to start with a few flexible base dishes made on the weekend, and riff to create new dinners, lunches, and even desserts throughout the week.  Eating seasonally and consciously with minimal food waste (sigh)—

Help us with our National Farmer’s Day Thank You’s! Order a box this weekend, snap a photo of yourself, your family, and/or your produce with the included “Thank You” sign you receive.  We will share your photo with our farmers next week to celebrate their big day! Please e-mail your photos to, and/or tag us on your Instagram and Facebook with #theproducebox.  Thank you in advance for your help to show our appreciation for our local heroes.

There’s a Porch Pumpkin Box on the menu to help you kickstart your fall decorating streak with a Blue Jurrahdale PumpkinLumina Pumpkin, and Cushaw Squash from Fresh Pik, and decorative gourds from Ben Thomas.  Skip the heavy lifting and let us deliver the most beautiful fall pumpkins and gourds around!

Don’t miss the 
Baking Apple Bundle this weekend, and you can still BYOB (Build Your Own Box) starting at only $17 (plus delivery) for one more week!