Since February 2020, The Produce Box has been donating fruits and vegetables to Dorcas Ministries, a Triangle-based organization which provides compassionate assistance to area residents to empower people to become stable and self-sufficient.

Every week, The Produce Box makes a donation to Dorcas which includes fresh items like apples, oranges, lettuce, kale, cucumbers, carrots, and pears. The items are brought back to the Dorcas pantry and then given to families in need of food. With the help of The Produce Box, Dorcas has been able to offer healthy options to more than 3000 households so far this year.

According to Kathy Goldston, Dorcas Food Pantry Manager, Dorcas clients are thrilled when they receive fruits and vegetables. “Thanks to The Produce Box, we don’t have to purchase produce for clients as often,” explained Goldston. “Our community is wonderful and giving. We truly appreciate the opportunity to receive fresh produce and The Produce Box has certainly been graciously giving that to us.”

Dorcas Ministries has so much to offer. Goldston answered a few questions, so you can learn more about this great organization.

How was Dorcas Ministries formed?
In June of 1968, a small group of Christians, brought together by Margaret Keller, met to address a common concern: how to best serve our neighbors in need. From different races and denominations, but united in Christ, they agreed to work together under His guidance to help meet some of the needs of the Cary and Morrisville communities.

With backing from local churches, Dorcas Ministries was formed as “Christian Community in Action”. Dorcas Ministries has always, and continues to strive to find solutions to the increasing and different needs of the community, hoping to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

How has Dorcas Ministries Progressed over the Years?
Dorcas Ministries began with a commitment to education through the Laubach literacy course and enrichment preschool programs for low income families. In the early days of the preschool program, 60 volunteers taught classes and provided meals and transportation. By 1972, Dorcas Thrift Shop opened as a place where families and individuals could shop with dignity for clothing and household items.

In the late 70s, the framework for the client services office began. Dorcas started to help with food, gas, transportation for medical appointments, as well as help addressing other concerns brought to them by Dorcas members. Dorcas Ministries was incorporated by the state of North Carolina and granted 501 (C)(3) non-profit status by the IRS on April 15, 1983. We now offer programs that include financial and food assistance, emergency housing, career advancement programs, continued childcare scholarships, Jobs for Life and other training programs.

In 2018, Dorcas Ministries celebrated its 50th anniversary. That year, the organization was blessed with more than 600 volunteers and had served an estimated 24,000 clients. As Dorcas approaches the next 50 years, the organization is guided by the experience and wisdom of its history.

How does Dorcas Food Pantry use donations?
We use all donations to feed clients. Pre-pandemic we were feeding about 300 households in the Cary/Morrisville area monthly. Since the pandemic, we have served as many as 700 households.

How can someone make a donation?

Financial donations can be made online or a check can be mailed or dropped off. Food donations are accepted here at the pantry, Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm. For more information, check out the Dorcas Ministries Website: