Dine In.  Veg Out.  Beat this summer heat!

We don’t know about you, but chanting “(Feelin’) Hot, Hot, Hot” is our favorite way to survive this heat wave! (Ole-ole…ole-ole)

That and dining in and vegging out with the Veg-Out Box (veggies only in here)! New to the menu this week with organic mini bell peppers from Red Hawk, baby bella mushrooms from Carolina Mushroom Farm, pesticide-free baby romaine from Blue Thumb, and more—it will make you want to grill-out and chill-out underneath that porch fan.

This week, our farmer’s spotlight is on two men who share the same last name: Cottle. Featuring Herbie Cottle and Ron Cottle, the Cottle’s CSA Box showcases the delicious local variety of these two farms—dino kale, bi-color corn, blackberries, organic yukon gold potatoes, zucchini, and organic baby carrots. It’s a Local Cottle Collaboration!

And honestly, you might want to brace yourself for the unveiling of the Summer Farm Series (Box) this week—a canary melon from Tart and a personal watermelon from Jackson, heirloom cherry tomatoes from Pretty Boy Farm, white corn from Fuller,—and four more items! Essentially it’s…

(TV car-salesman voice) “Anything. You could want. In a Box. This season. It’s right here.
You don’t want to miss it folks. Limited time only! Come see for yourself. Right now. At www.theproducebox.com!”