A tribute to Owen on this Food Hero Friday!

We received this from the NC Works department and are so thankful that they shared this story with us so we can pass it onto you and all of our Produce Box members who make our Hero Boxes happen all year long…

“Our veteran Owen Melvin was a recipient of a Produce Box back in August 2015. Owen came into the office as a homeless veteran seeking housing, services and employment assistance. We were able to help him become stable thru the support of his family and valuable community resources. We also assisted Owen with an appointment with Ellis Pinder, the New Hanover County VSO in our local office to help him get benefits through the VA, gave him bus passes through the Wave Foundation/VFW collaboration so he could make the appointments to get the care at the VA that he so badly needed.

He once told me that he walked 2 hours back and forth to make his VA appointments because he had no money nor a ride…. we made sure that never happened again. Then, his health started to decline and he could no longer make the walks to our office, but would call on the phone to keep us posted about the status of his health and brighten up our day.  

When the Produce Boxes came in, we made a stop to his home for a visit.  You should have seen the tears in his eyes when he said “I thought everyone had forgotten this old soldier.”   

I told him he was never forgotten and we were always grateful for his unselfish service to our country…. Owen passed a week or so later.

But he did not leave this world without knowing the depth of our gratitude for his service.   Who would have guessed that a simple expression of love and kindness would be a lasting memory to a battle scarred soldier?    

Thank you Will (from NC Works), Mrs. Collins (TPB Area Manager) and The Produce Box.”

A few of our Heroes from our Veterans Day Box distribution: