A Morning in the Life of a Charlotte Neighborhood Coordinator for TPB


Any given Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning, our Neighborhood Coordinators (NCs) rise bright and early to deliver fresh and wholesome food directly to your doorstep! They make their way to the closest TPB truck stop where they begin the weekly process of door-to-door delivery.
First thing, our truck pulls up stocked with local goodies of every kind. Coolers are full of meats and cheeses and boxes are packed with fresh, awesome produce. NCs begin by unloading recycled TPB boxes from their vehicles, later to be refilled with orders for the following week.
Next, each NC carefully pours over their list of orders with their driver, ensuring that they’ve got enough boxes for their customers and that each box includes any specialty items that may have been ordered. NCs make their list and check it twice, or even three times, to ensure that customers will be happy!
Once they’ve gotten their boxes in order, they don a pair of gloves and inspect each box individually to check for quality. This time they are making sure that your tomatoes or berries didn’t get bruised along the way, swapping out fresher produce from “the swap box” for items that may have had a rough ride. They include a newsletter in each box and then begin loading them all into their vehicles.
Once they’re packed and ready to roll, NCs hit the road to deliver their boxes in their neighborhoods – along with a smile! NCs are people just like you and me – moms, dads, teachers, professionals – people interested in spreading their love of healthy, local food throughout their communities.
The Produce Box is still looking to hire and train new Neighborhood Coordinators in the Piedmont, Triad and Triangle areas. Interested? Click here to learn more!