A message from Courtney & Kevin – we’re back and can’t wait to bring the farm to YOUR table in 2016

We are back for our 9th season, can you believe it? It’s absolutely amazing to me…and there are more than 200 members who have been with us since the VERY beginning!

We have gone from helping 1 farmer back then to buying from more than 50 small to medium-sized farmers and , good gracious, Kevin and I love hearing the stories of these hardworking men and women and how we’ve helped THEM grow through the years as we grew!

Our boxes are full of REAL FOOD AT A REASONABLE PRICE and I’m awfully proud of that. Proud also that we pay the price our farmers NEED for their produce, not the lowest price we can get … and we pay when they walk in the door, not 60 or 90 days later like the grocery stores.

And that’s important to people like Dave in Cumberland County who planted brussel sprouts this year JUST FOR OUR MEMBERS! And James in Franklin County who can’t WAIT for his asparagus to come up JUST FOR OUR MEMBERS! These guys (and their families) are so thankful for the members of The Produce Box — and so am I!

What started out of my garage and one neighborhood has become a force for change — and a voice for change — in our entire state. More North Carolinians than ever are understanding the importance of eating locally and in-season. That is our mission and it is what drives our 200 men and women who work at The Produce Box to give outstanding member service and always go above and beyond. And so many of them are stay-at-home moms who deliver in their very own neighborhoods like I did years ago!

So thank YOU for joining us on this local food adventure for another year. Kevin and I can’t WAIT for all this season will bring!

We’ve got new bean varieties, purple & white carrots (how cool!), pear sauce (this stuff is so good, ya’ll!), empanadas and much much more coming! Plus, we have personal URLs so you can get rewarded for sharing us with your friends & family during our SHARE THE HARVEST referral program right now! AND some great website ordering changes that I’m sure you’re going to love.

So here’s to farm to table and KNOWING your farmer!