A letter from Courtney



Grapefruits and Oranges in my Produce Box?

Why you will see regional produce on our menu late Fall through Spring





I love grapefruit and fresh oranges are delicious, but I know these are not NC produce… assumed The Produce Box made a commitment to fresh LOCAL produce, so please help me understand why non-local items are being offered . (Sarah, Raleigh member)

Sarah, Thanks so much for your note! Three years ago, we made a decision as a company to add some regional items to the boxes during the winter months through early April and then go back to all North Carolina produce the rest of the year.

During the colder months there is not a lot of variety available in NC: mainly root vegetables, apples (through early December), sweet potatoes, and greens such as collards and cabbage. In the past, when we ended our year in November, our NC farmers still had more produce to harvest and sell!


  By adding some regional items to the boxes such as avocados, grapefruits, and navel oranges, we are able to continue to support our local North Carolina farmers, employ our staff a little bit longer, and deliver fresh fruits and veggies to our members for a few more weeks!

So far, our members have not been disappointed! This is your program too. It was a big decision for us as a company. I believe that as long as we keep our goals in mind, which is to support NC farmers and bring as much of their produce to our members as we can, then we’ve made the right choice.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address your concerns. It’s conversations like these that help us work through the process of creating the best local food system we can for our members and farmers alike!