A letter from Courtney

The flowers are blooming, the rain has stopped (finally) and NC farmers are hard at work in the fields getting ready for their harvests! Kevin, our Crop Coordinator and resident chef, visits every farm we work with every year or so…7 so far this year….and always has great videos to share from the fields, so be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram posts for those!

It’s hard to believe we’re celebrating our TENTH YEAR of supporting local farmers and we owe all of YOU a huge thank you for your enthusiasm, dedication, patience with Mother Nature and her antics and tactful feedback as we improve our program every year. This community of engaged and committed members has bought more than 10 Million pounds of fresh local goodness from our farm-partners over the years. That kind of impact really makes a difference!

You’ve probably noticed that our boxes are included more and more LOCAL produce as the berries, lettuces, bok choy, greens and spring onions grow. We’ll be back to 99% local within the next two weeks as blueberries and blackberries arrived. This year, we’ll offer a few regional staples year-round including potatoes, celery and carrots to help round out your family’s meal choices. Feel free to filter by NCLOCAL on the menu if you want local only. And you can always check the description of each item for information about where it was grown.

We have a lot to thank our farmers for, you know. They are the beating heart of everything we feed our families. They stick to their principles – and they are doing things the right way – even when that means that they do things the “hard” way. They restore the land, and they provide food that heals. It’s a good thing and I’m so glad you’re a part of it as a member of The Produce Box!