A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside

It’s easy to think of health as something we can measure with numbers, whether it’s weight, waist size,  pants size, or other numbers. But the term “health” now carries much more meaning behind it. 

As time has progressed and a new year has begun, we’ve seen how important self-care and health  acknowledgment is. Health has shifted from a value of numbers to a value of feeling. It’s now  about mental and emotional health as much as it is physical, giving more reason to transition to a healthier  lifestyle for the betterment of yourself. 

Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle may sound like a tedious task, but making the transition is going to  provide you with more than one positive benefit. What do these benefits include? 

Boosting your mood 

Many studies have suggested that eating a healthier, more balanced diet can provide your body with the  tools and substances it needs to keep a consistent mood. Two dietitians from the University of Michigan  State* released great diet tips to boost your mood with food! 

Reducing symptoms of depression 

Comfort eating unhealthy foods is a quick way to get stuck in unhealthy eating habits. When you  consistently deprive your body of necessary nutrients and vitamins, you affect your body’s ability to  provide serotonin and other chemicals that help fight depression. 

Increasing brain power 

Studies and research published by Harvard*, among many other studies, revealed that eating a  combination of healthier foods will benefit your brain power. There are specific vitamins, acids, and  antioxidants that have been proven to not only benefit brain power, but also your heart and blood vessels. 

Improving energy levels 

When you constantly consume sugars and heavy carbs, your body will inevitable crash, leaving you  feeling worse than you did before. Switching out midday snacks or your lunch to healthier alternatives are  great ways to keep the energy going throughout the day! 

Building your self-esteem 

When you eat right and treat your body right, your body will reward you. A boost of self-esteem is a  benefit that is well worth a transition to a healthy lifestyle. It’s hard not to feel better about yourself when  you know you’re feeding and treating your body like the temple it is! 

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*University of Michigan State article: https://healthblog.uofmhealth.org/health-management/how-to boost-your-mood-food 

*Harvard article: https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/foods-linked-to-better-brainpower