A gift for Dad from TPB!

It’s almost Father’s Day, and you know what that means – dads need to be spoiled!
This week, we are featuring something special in the Breakfast Box: Joe Van Gogh’s Honduras Finca Mogola to keep Dad going for his busy Father’s Day of golf, grilling, fishing and other dad stuff! (And don’t worry, that Honduras Finca Mogola can be added to ANY Box if another one catches your eye!)

What makes Joe Van Gogh (JVG) coffee special? Not only do they roast our coffee when we order it so you are receiving some of the freshest flavors the coffees can offer, but Joe Van Gogh also has a strong commitment to community -‐ both globally and locally – through their charitable and farm partnerships.

they are committed to enhancing the lives of the farmers they work with by participating in direct trade.

Locally, they are bringing sustainable and direct‐trade coffees to the Carolinas ‐ a place where it’s not grown! And, like The Produce Box, their efforts to create a thriving local community include donations to more than 15 local nonprofits as well as support of other local businesses like our friends at Homeland Creamery!

Stephanie Kelley, JVG’s brand manager, also mentioned a few blends that may be of interest to our members since a percentage of the profits go to specific charities.

Since 2009, for the Christmas season, Joe Van Gogh has created exclusive “Home for the Holidays” blends to benefit Habitat for Humanity. If you want to donate year-round, there’s JVG’s organic Sea Turtle blend with 10% of the net profits of this blend go to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, located on Topsail Island, NC.

So you can see that this is one organization that has a BIG impact all year round! For this week – and for all of our DADS out there though – we asked the JVG crew to tell us what does the Finca Mogola taste like?

Robbie Roberts (owner) says, “Taste is always subjective [but] coffee quality has a lot to do with how long the cherries ripen,” and the cherries used for the Finca Mogola have been allowed to ripen for a looooong time, bringing out tons of flavor.

Kevin, the production manager, says there is a strong, sweet chocolate note to it, along with “nice and bright” notes of stone fruit with a hint of caramel.

Raise a mug to Dad and pick up a bag of Honduras Finca Mogola, on sale at The Produce Box THIS WEEK ONLY!