A farm that is “green” in so many ways

Judy Carpenter bought the land for Lucky Clays Fresh Farm in 2009 but took two years to decide how to use the 505 acres.

She wanted to find an animal to raise that she would not grow attached to. After much thought, she said, “I don’t think I’d get attached to a fish.” So she started with tilapia. She then grew into various types of lettuce, herbs and other vegetables. She has a wonderful a twist on sustainable agriculture that we just love: using her fish to increase the nutrients in water to grow the plants and then cleaning the water so it gets used again. She has built a no waste, no toxins, no chemicals aquaponics farm. The recirculating aquaculture system now incorporates large tanks that include a variety of fish species and dozens of raised beds, rife with leafy greens and herbs, into one ecofriendly farming system.

Lucky Clays Farm’s commitment to modernity extends into all their practices. The farm is nestled in the rolling countryside of Norwood, NC east of Charlotte. With extensive solar panel systems around the property, sustainable construction, high-efficiency building materials, indigenous plants and a rainwater harvesting system, they’re recognized as the state’s largest residential renewable energy system.The farm saves 29,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year and their energy model has earned the energy star certification.

We are thrilled to partner with Lucky Clays and have Judy’s delicious lettuces and herbs on our menu this week. Be sure to give them a try!