5 tips for taking your veggies on vacation

Guest post by TPB Coordinator Wendy S.

Heading to the beach or the lake? Why not take some healthy treats along?  Here are some great tips Wendy gave her members on how to use your Box and not have to skip when you are hitting the road (or even the skies!) for a summer trip!


Tip 1: Snacks that don’t come in a package! A lot of summer veggies & fruits lend themselves to being used for easy snacks — cherry/ grape tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, carrots, etc.  These are great for the car ride to your vacation destination and are easy to cut up and have on hand for snacking between meals. Order a FRUIT BOX or create your own MARKET BOX to fill it with all that delicious “easy” stuff your family will eat right up!
Tip 2: Dinner, done! I know when we travel with multiple families, we each have a night to cook. Wow your family members with an amazing, fresh and LOCAL NC meal! Order a MEAL BOX or use our recipes for squash and zucchini dishes, tomato pie or cucumber salads.
Tip 3: “Fast food”! Grab some lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet onions and dressing and make a Salad Box. It’s all on our menu this weekend! This assortment makes a great, light lunch when you just can’t eat another sandwich.  Add in an assortment of summer fruit as a side and this will be a winner!
Tip 4: Treat yourself!  It’s vacation! Treat yourself to something fun like Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Peach Goat Cheese, Strwarberry Granola. And we won’t tell if you pick up some of the chocolate or yummy nut mixes. I’m sure there’s a place you can hide and enjoy those for yourself!
Tip 5: Pack them! Really?  This one just makes me chuckle a little. I know you are not likely to take veggies on a plane, but in case you are in fact THAT serious about your produce, here are some tips on getting some veggie air miles.