5 Reasons CleanEatz Meals Might Just Change Your Life!

CleanEats meals delivered

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Many of our members are looking for an easy way to get not just fruits & veggies, but meals delivered to their doorsteps as well. There has been a pretty cool addition to our menu in recent weeks that we hope you’ve had the chance to try. Here are a few reasons why we think these perfectly-portioned, healthy meals are a good choice for those busy days or nights when you just don’t have the time to cook.

Top 5 Reasons to try CleanEatz Meals

  1. LOCAL – These meals are prepared LOCALLY! We love that Jason, Sarah and the crew from CleanEatz in Wilmington reached out to us. They are great people who take great care in making delicious, nutritious meals for their customers.
  2. HEALTHY – CleanEatz meals are calorie controlled and all nutritional content is printed right on the Box – no need for food scales or meal planning! They fit well with many special diets too including low-carb, Keto, Mediterranean and more.
  3. BALANCED – There are several varieties on our menu and more will be coming (including Family Sizes!). It truly is a grab-and-go meal that has everything you need for energy and good health. From the Cheeseburger Bowl (complete with pickles) to the BBQ Chicken with red potatoes or better-than-takeout Teriyaki Chicken, there are lots of choices that provide a balanced lunch or dinner.
  4. EASY – Take these meals to work with you, throw them in the microwave before you head off to soccer practice, errand-running, or whatever your busy schedule has in store. You’ll have a healthy meal in minutes.
  5.  BUDGET SAVVY – These meals are definitely cheaper than eating out and they are delivered right to your door.

If you haven’t tried a CleanEatz meal yet – look for them listed as “Balanced Meal” on our menu each week and also shown under our Bundle selection. Take a break next week with these meals delivered to your doorstep!


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