3 Tips for Back-to-School Lunches

School is back in session, and with your weekly Produce Box, healthy school lunches are easy! Check out our lunchbox-friendly ideas:
1. Pack leftovers.
Made a vegetable side dish for dinner? Put individual servings in the fridge for the night. Microwave them the night morning and put in a thermos. They’ll still be warm when it’s lunchtime!
2. Pack lunch smoothies.
Smoothies are often thought of as just breakfast. Why not lunch? Blend up some of the fruit you flash froze from summer (maybe sneak a veggie in there) in the morning and put in a thermos! Don’t forget to pack a straw.
3. Invest in reusable pouches.
Those applesauce pouches that your kids love? They’re awesome, but they can also get expensive. Check out WalMart and Amazon for the reusable pouches. You can make your own applesauce (try adding some peaches) in a crockpot. Reusable pouches are simple and easy to refill!

Share your back-to-school lunch tips with us in the comments below.