2 simple ways to make your next meal AMAZING!

Welcome Chef Alyssa to TPB





We are thrilled to have Chef Alyssa’s products in our TPB lineup! We have the Champagne Tomato Jam and Mustard Spread. Chef Alyssa is a chef in the Charlotte area. She and her husband joined their skills together to create Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen to provide a relaxed space for people to enjoy learning new cooking skills.

Chef Alyssa has had great success with the cooking school. She has received several Best of Cooking Class awards in Charlotte and she also appeared on Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay.

In May 2016 she and her husband launched Chef Alyssa’s Spreads. The mustard and tomato jam can be used for spreads, marinades and dressings. Best of all they are made from all-natural ingredients and preservative free.

The Champagne Tomato Jam is sweet and spicy. It is made from tomatoes, champagne vinegar, and other spices. Try it as a spread on top of a brie cheese, crackers, roasted veggies or even on your next burger!

The Smoked Chili & Rosemary Mustard Spread has the robust flavor you would expect from a whole grain mustard. Plus, with a hint of chili and topped off with the sweet smell of rosemary. It is also made with all natural ingredients.

Chef Alyssa’s mission is to help make delicious and healthy food without over thinking it. These 2 amazing spreads are made fresh and made simple to give your meal an extra kick and new depth of flavor. Available now on the TPB Add-On menu!